Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Cult cinema fans aren't they the worst? And you know what's worse than a cult cinema fan? An Italian cult cinema fan - they're like the 21st century equivalent of those sixties mods who would read Italian newspapers to look sophisticated despite knowing no actual Italian. Now we're just as bad, wait no, we're much worse - at least those mods had some semblance of style, we just drool into our keyboards wearing oversized horror tees thinking coloured hair and piercings make us alternative. But doesn't our love of Italian cinema make us cultured in that sort of trashy way? And it's all kind of ironic right? Ok they aren't exactly Fellini films but y'know all of our favourite directors were trained under the greats... I jest, I jest! Well kind of. The cult film fan can be a terrifying individual, brandishing their original VHS copy of Suspiria like they're some sort of demigod ready to smack down the idiot that thinks Creepers and Phenomena are interchangeable. Some of these people will cannabalise you if you dare question their undying love of The Beyond - it's like the greatest Italian horror film ever right? Well now that I've alienated the majority of Italian cult cinema bloggers I'll try and explain myself...

Look I know what you're thinking - why in God's name do we need another self indulgent giallo themed blog, I'm sick of people from the UK creating these things because they picked up an Arrow film from HMV one day and thought it warranted creating a blog over. Well, I can't promise you that I'm bringing anything new to the table but I can promise you a mix of content - it's not all just reviews here. I'll be doing reviews, analysis, general musings, gialli fashion posts, lists of releases and loads of other shite that's tenuously linked to Italian cult cinema. As you may have noticed my blog's byline is "dedicated to all things giallo" but let's be honest this blog will end up covering general Italian cult cinema because I'll get a pressing urge to write about Trash's ball destroying jeans in The Bronx Warriors when I should be discussing the history of the giallo. I've been watching these films for around a decade (a small amount of time for some fans!) and like to think I know a little about what I'm talking about so hopefully I can share some interesting tidbits with you and give you my perspective on these films - I know you're all crying out for the views of a white, Scottish woman in her twenties! Sometimes I'll be serious, other times I'll be taking the piss but I promise you I won't be a cult cinema snob to fellow fans or anyone dipping their toes into the murky depths of Italian cult films. This cinema fan doesn't take herself all that seriously. I'd be delighted to hear your thoughts and welcome you all to my blog and the comments section with open arms. Also, follow me on twitter (follow button on the sidebar) for more musings and constant picture posts!


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