A Guide To Giallo On DVD: Camera Obscura

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Camera Obscura are a German DVD distributor founded in 2008 specialising in the Italian genre cinema of giallo and poliziotesschi. What's great about Camera Obscura is that they release films that have never had a DVD release and are considered more obscure in their respective genres. Certain gialli have had several releases on various labels so its great to see a company focus on getting stuff out there that's never been available before. What's even better about Camera Obscura is that they do a fantastic job of restoring films to their former glory. As someone whose watched bootleg versions of films that Camera Obscura have now released, I cannot stress what a great job they do of making these films look like they did on first release. The majority of Camera Obscura's releases are limited to around 2000 copies making their films rather sought after. You do pay quite a price for their releases with many averaging between £25 and £30 and that's often secondhand. Their DVDs are definitely worth the money and it's important to pay that little bit more to ensure that CO are able to continue to restore and release genre obscurities. Usual story - second hand on eBay and for their new releases try US site Diabolik.

Note: Some of the releases listed below could fall into various categories, I've organised them in the subgenres I personally feel they belong to although they could fit into both i.e. giallo and poliziotteschi.


Spirits of Death
The Killer Reserved 9 Seats
Top Sensation
Nine Guests For A Crime
Forbidden Photos of A Lady Above Suspicion
Short Night of Glass Dolls
What Have They Done to Your Daughters
So Sweet So Dead
Tropic of Cancer


San Babila-8 P.M.
Come Cani Arrabbiati 
La Orca
No, the Case is Happily Resolved
Suspected Death of a Minor



Last House on the Beach
Terror Express
Wild Beasts
Mondo Candido
The Wild Eye

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