Wedding Giallo Style (1)

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

*** Warning - this is going to be a rather self indulgent post so if you're  interested in strictly giallo related content you may want to look away now as this post is going to focus on that bore inducing topic of weddings. ***

When my boyfriend proposed to me back in 2013 I was utterly elated and couldn't quite believe that someone actually wanted to marry me, no less someone that had seen me in my morning demonic form (see Gremlins for an accurate portrayal of my morning self). I was excited about the concept of marriage but to be perfectly honest, I'd never really thought about weddings. Growing up as a bit of a tomboy, I'd never fantasised about my dream wedding instead I was more concerned with computer games and running my ghost club. Getting married was always something that happens in the future when you're old and boring right? I put off planning my wedding for so long because I just didn't want that standard wedding and didn't know how I could possibly have a wedding that reflected me and us as a couple. Luckily I got some sage advice from some friends who simply told me to have the wedding that I wanted and screw everyone else - it was about making us as a couple happy not our families and friends. We were told to have a wedding that was filled with the things we love and as giallo is so a massive passion of mine it dawned on me! Why not have a wedding that's influenced by the wonderful style of Italian giallo and horror cinema of the 60s and 70s?! That was when I started to get excited at the prospect of walking down the aisle.

So I guess I'm going to share some of my ideas and plans here on my blog for anyone that's interested. I'll maybe do a couple of updates and share photos of the final product or various stages of the planning process. I'd love to hear input from other people and any ideas however crazy they might be so let me know!


One of my biggest concerns about getting married was finding a suitable venue. Being non religious to the point where whenever I walk into a church I'm terrified that I'm going to burst into flames, I decided against a church wedding. However, the much loved alternative of a hotel wedding seemed just as dismal an option being everything that I hate - crappy patterned carpets, seat covers with bows and an overall lack of originality. While crying into my deep fried cheeseburger supper wondering if I would ever be able to find a venue that would fit us as a couple, I remembered The Voodoo Rooms, an awesome second floor bar and ballroom located in an 18th century building hidden behind Edinburgh's bustling Princes Street. The Voodoo Rooms is the perfect venue for a bride who wants something a little bit different. The venue has gorgeous red uplighters that light the ornate windows giving it an awesome Italian horror feel. There's a beautiful elaborate feel to the place from the carved wooden panelled walls to the painted ceilings. Black and gold are the staple colours here and they make everything look so dramatic and stylish without ever veering into a stuffy, hoi polloi feel. Overall, the place has a laid back vibe that fits us like a black leather glove.

The main event takes place in the ballroom, a wonderful space that can be lit with an array of wonderful colour lights that should help me achieve my Argento/Bava style. The starry draped drapes combined with the high painted ceilings add to the theatrical style that I'm going for and with a little bit of dressing, we should be able to nail our theme without it looking tacky/inappropriate.

Invitations & Order of Service

I'm sure a few of you have already seen my tweets begging you all to find me Suspiria fonts - of course that was a wedding related request! I plan on doing my own invitations and order of service (haha famous last words) and want to go for a Suspiria/Inferno/Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion/Strange Colour of Your Body's Tears etc etc style so basically an art noveau influence but again, who knows how the hell this will end. I've found the below fonts which are contenders for what I want to do - the Suspiria ones aren't bang on but pretty close. I want to use some pillar/column style designs with a big floral, natural arch idea as used in Elio Petri's classic aforementioned film. That's about as far as things have gone on that front and hopefully I can nail some more ideas down.



My fiance and I are Joy Division/New Order fans and one of my all time favourite albums is Power, Corruption and Lies so I'm planning to carry a bouquet of the roses from the album cover (or Henri Fantin-Latour's Basket of Roses which is the image's original source) with the stems wrapped in something that mimics the basket element. So although this element of the wedding isn't giallo inspired, I'm still planning on giving my wedding venue flowers a giallo twist by taking inspiration from Mario Bava's 1964 seminal giallo "Blood & Black Lace" for my floral center pieces. I'm not a floral expert so when I do another one of these posts I will try and be more specific about types of flowers etc but I reckon the flowers in the opening credits scene of Blood & Black Lace will fit in nicely in terms of shape/colour with my Power, Corruption and Lies wedding bouquet (again this is all subject to what my florist can do!) so hopefully I'm able to use both of these ideas for my wedding floral scheme. Other flowers I have considered incorporating into the day with a giallo theme are blue irises and red orchids among other floral arrangements that have inspired me from various films (see below).


A tiny part of me would love to walk down the aisle to a bit of Goblin (imagine strutting it to the Tenebrae theme like a boss) but I think it's important to pick music that fits with the ceremonial aspect of the day. I've always thought pop music sounds out of place during the wedding processional (to each their own though) and much prefer musical arrangements with no vocals as it feels more in keeping with the occasion. Early on into my Italian film odyssey I saw my very first poliziotteschi, Revolver, and instantly fell in love with the gorgeous score. My fiance and I had discussed using pieces from Ennio Morricone's wonderful and vast number of scores and were going through some compilation albums when my fiance played a track that made all the hairs on my neck stand up, it was Un Amico from the Revolver soundtrack - how could I have overlooked it?! So yeah, long story short my Dad's going to be walking me up the aisle to one of the most beautiful pieces of music that Ennio Morricone has ever made and I think it's absolutely perfect for the occasion. The rest of the music has yet to be decided but I'm sure more Morricone will be involved.


Again, money is a factor here and wedding cakes seem to be very, very expensive. I've had a look around and although elaborate commissioned cakes are beautiful, I can't see myself going for a big, ornate cake with lots of detailing. My Dad has always been great at decorating cakes so I've decided to get him to design my wedding cake - I'll buy simple wedding cake tiers and have him decorate them. My wedding cake idea that we can hopefully pull off, is an M C Escher design in the style of his famous tessellations. I fell in love with his tessellation designs after learning about them (and crudely attempting to replicate them) at school so what better design to use for my wedding cake? Of course Italian horror aficionados such as myself will also recognise M C Escher's fish/bird tessellation design from the wallpaper in Pat's friend's apartment in Suspiria.

Table Decoration

My fiance and I are deliberating over what theme to have for our wedding table and have narrowed it down to two ideas. The city of Montreal is close to both of our hearts so we thought it might be a nice idea to incorporate the city into our theme especially since we got engaged in Canada and are going to incorporate that into our day with maple candies as wedding favours. My fiance has a love of the Montreal metro and its amazing 60s style so we thought it might make a cool theme for the wedding tables - we would name each one after a stop and then use an image of that section of the metro for the little table frame. The only problem is public transport might not make the best theme for a wedding and as much as I love the design of the metro it might not fit in with the decor of the venue. Therefore we've proposed option number 2 - film themed tables. Now I know what you're thinking, that evil bitch Rachael just deprived her long suffering fiance (who is letting her have a freakin' giallo themed wedding even though he's seen like about 3) of having his metro theme BUT I promise I'm not and we might still do it ;) My fiance is also a big film fan albeit not of the same stuff so we thought we could name each table after films we both love but never fear giallo fiends, I'm still going to try and get at least one Italian film (or two) in the table theme. For each film I'm going to print out a wonderful old film poster on card and then frame it in an elaborate baroque gold frame for added panache.

I've not thought much about other table decorations apart from the flowers so that's something to work on. I've deliberated over whether to have a floral piece that incorporates a brushed gold candelabra ala Inferno but that's subject to change.


Again, another request from Twitter that's explained more here. The venue has a projector so I can project images/video onto a screen on the stage of the ballroom. It would be a dream to project some classic giallo trailers/films on it during the evening do so I've been trying to figure out if this would be possible. It looks like we're going to be ok to do this as it is a private function so I'm planning on taking on the lengthy task of editing some scenes and trailers together from various Italian films to make a wonderful visual backfrop to proceedings. So far I'm thinking of Inferno, Suspiria, Black Sabbath and Blood & Black Lace but I need loads more and I need to think of specific scenes (already doing the Blood & Black Lace credit sequence). I can't really have anything violent as it might upset some family members so want to keep it clean. Probably going to be a hell of a lot of work but I'm up for the challenge!

Over to You!

So that's it, a few of my ideas for my future giallo/Italian film inspired wedding. Hopefully that was of interest to somebody, I know, I know this is self indulgent! Now for the bit where you guys come in! I want to hear all of your wonderful ideas and suggestions whether it's some off the wall idea, a selection of scenes and films that you think might work, music choices, art ideas for stationary and posters etc I would love to hear from you! So drop me a comment here and let me know and I will love you forever and of course I'll probably make more posts about ideas, what I'm doing and finally pictures from the big day. Cheers!


  1. You will have an awesome marriage, because you are doing it your own way!


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