A Guide To Giallo On DVD: FilmArt Giallo Edition

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

FilmArt are a German label who specialise in cult film releasing titles in the Spaghetti Western, Poliziotteschi, Italian Horror and Gialli genres. FilmArt released a collection of five gialli films under the FilmArt Giallo Edition collection and have continued to expand their collection of titles in this range. FilmArt like fellow German label, Camera Obscura, tend to release films that have not had a previous release so expect to see titles that have never been available from another label before. You can get yours hands on some of the FilmArt Giallo Edition DVDs at Strange Vice as well as Amazon Germany and eBay secondhand. Expect to pay in excess of £25 for Love and Death in the Garden of the Gods and Delirium.

001: French Sex Murders
002: The Case of the Scorpion's Tail
003: Delirium (1972)
004: The Strange Vice of Mrs Wardh
005: Love and Death in the Garden of the Gods
006: Night Ripper (Monster of Florence)
007: The Murder Clinic
BONUS: Killer in the Dark (Giallo-Eastern Crossover)

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