A Guide To Giallo on DVD: Shameless Screen Entertainment

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Navigating the giallo DVD market can, at times, be infuriating. With so many releases on a multitude of labels from every country from the US to Germany to Japan, it's hard to know where to start on your quest for the best gialli on DVD. Luckily, there are a whole host of labels who are releasing or have released a variety of giallo films from the more well known stuff to the more obscure. So I decided to start this feature on my blog that will help you on your quest to acquiring and building your giallo collection or just helping you track down stuff you hadn't heard of or couldn't get hold of before. Each post in the "A Guide to Giallo" series will focus on a different label who have released gialli on DVD and will list the films they have released in the genre. I will also list under a different heading, films that the label have released in other areas of Italian genre cinema. 

In the UK where I'm based, the main labels that put out gialli on DVD are Shameless Screen Entertaiment and Arrow. I'm incredibly fortunate that I can now just walk into Fopp or HMV and pick up a multitude of gialli without spending a small fortune. Before Shameless and Arrow there were little to no gialli in these shops and the stuff retailers did stock was often subpar/cut versions of Argento, Deodato and Fulci films. The great thing about Shameless is that they're a label for the fans and actively listen to the cult film community to get out stuff that's previously been unreleased and is highly sought after by genre fans. Shameless' catalogue is a great mixture of well known gialli like New York Ripper mixed with films that have never seen a release on DVD before like Footprints on the Moon. Sadly, Arrow are now seen as the vastly superior label but both labels have their place in the UK cult film market and fill the cult niche nicely. Although Arrow release great cult films, Shameless have released a hell of a lot more in the way of Italian genre cinema and for that I will be eternally grateful. Here's hoping that Shameless are able to continue releasing hard to come by Italian genre cinema. There's still so many great films to be treated to a UK release.


-All the Colours of the Dark-
-Don't Torture a Duckling-
-Footprints on the Moon-
-Formula for a Murder-
-Four Flies on Grey Velvet-
-My Dear Killer-
-New York Ripper-
-Night Train Murders-
-Oasis of Fear-
-Phantom of Death-
-Sisters of Ursula-
-Strip Nude for Your Killer-
-The Black Cat-
-The Designated Victim-
-The House with the Laughing Windows-
-Sisters of Ursula
-The Strange Vice of Mrs Wardh-
-The Washing Machine-
-Top Sensation-
-Watch Me When I Kill-
-What Have They Done To Your Daughters-
-Who Saw Her Die?-



-Almost Human-


Exploitation, Sci-fi & Horror

-Baba Yaga-
-Beast in Space-
-Bronx Warriors Trilogy-
-Cannibal Holocaust-
-The Church
-Dellamorte Dellamore-
-Flavia the Heretic-
-Frightened Woman-
-House On The Edge of The Park-
-Killer Nun-
-Love Goddess of the Cannibals-
-Manhattan Baby-
-Satan's Baby Doll-
-The 10th Victim-
-The New Barbarians-
-The Nurse-
-The Sect-
-Venus in Furs-

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