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So the majority of people coming across this blog will be well versed in where to obtain gialli, how to find the best prints/copies and what bootleg sites are worth checking out. However, for newbies to the genre it can be a daunting process knowing where to begin. The various alternative titles, endless copies of the more well known gialli and multiple foreign language editions can make the world of the giallo difficult to navigate. Here I hope to give you a few tips on the best way to obtain gialli from the well known to the obscure.

DVDS/Blu Rays

So you're starting out with the genre and want to purchase a few of the classics to see if giallo is the genre for you. You're probably going to start out with some Argento, maybe some Fulci or Bava. Luckily, there are several distribution companies who have put out most of these director's back catalogues. If you're based in the UK like me, you're spoilt for choice thanks to the emergence of distribution companies such as Arrow Video, 88 Films and Shameless Screen Entertainment. Between them, they've put out a fair share of gialli and Arrow's prints in particular, are usually the best offering a clean, faithful image. You can pick up Arrow, 88 Films and Shameless DVDs and Blu-rays from Amazon. Arrow does some fantastic sales so add them on Facebook and Twitter to keep a breast of when they're going to hit.

With so many prints around it can be difficult to know which one has the best overall quality. Checking out blogs (such as my own!) will give you a good indication of which DVD or Blu-Ray to purchase. Alternatively, you can do as I do and check out a site called DVD Beaver which compares different versions of films on DVD and Blu Ray. The site compares various features such as sound quality, picture quality and menus. Click here to get an idea of how the site compares releases. 

I've used eBay several times in the past to get a few more obscure gialli or foreign releases. I've got so many bargains and rarities thanks to sellers having clear outs so I definitely recommend having a look here. Just be careful about buying off eBay as the site has so many issues at the moment with copied DVDs, I'm sure no one is trying to pawn off fake gialli as real but you can never be too careful. Always check the images thoroughly and look at the seller's feedback and the other items they're selling. Usually when people are selling a giallo they'll be selling off part of a collection so you'd see similar one off items in their items listed. As I update this section of my site in 2016 we've come a long way in the past couple of years with releases and the demand for OOP releases has lessened but there's still a lot of great gialli that are out of print with no plans for release and ebay is really your best bet for these titles.

For American and Canadians trying to source gialli, Anchor Bay and Blue Underground are always good companies to buy from although they don't release much in the way of gialli these days. You can still find a lot of Italian horror on DVD via these companies that are worth a look. The transfers do pale in comparison with the HD remasters of some of their titles from other labels but still worth a look for those getting into the genre. For those in mainland Europe, always check out Amazon Germany because the German's often have giallo releases not seen in the rest of Europe or North America i.e. Lenzi's Eyeball. Germany also has the fantastic Camera Obscura who have put out the best releases which look absolutely incredible. If you have a choice to buy the same film from various labels and CO are among them always go with the CO release - although they're more pricey they are well worth it. Another great company is FilmArt who have a giallo series which features a few obscurities. Check out my lists on all of the above companies to see which films have been released on their labels. 

Another great place to buy from is Strange Vice which I'm proud to say is located in Glasgow. Strange Vice have a selection of cult films as well as film soundtracks that will satisfy the giallo fan. They have limited quantities of stock so it's best to buy straight away or you might miss out. 


It's great that so many distribution companies are putting out gialli but there's still a long way to go. The more obscure films only exist on VHS' which are often hard to obtain. This is where bootlegs are integral in keeping the giallo community going. Of course, I'm not advocating getting bootlegs rather than the genuine article, if there's a physical release you should definitely track it down but in the instances that there's not, bootlegs are a great way of tracking down that lost giallo. Recently I've been using Twisted Anger who have a good selection of titles and offer deals. I would also recommend Cult Action who produce bootlegs with beautiful cover art that will sit proudly on your shelf. For the most extensive collection of gialli, head over to Trash Palace who also have several Krimi films. 

Bootleg sites can be great but forking out your hard earned cash on something that is essentially public domain material can be irksome. When you're using these sites you're often paying for the convenience of getting an obscure film without the hassle of tracking it down yourself - you're also getting some nice box art if you're using a site like Cult Action or Revok. However, some of us are pretty cash strapped so here are some alternative ways of tracking down gialli. I'd just like to reiterate before you read on that I do not promote illegally downloading material that already has a physical or a digital release. The below options are for that films that are unlikely to ever get a physical release.


Everybody knows how to use YouTube which makes it an ideal resource for finding more obscure offerings. A quick search for "giallo" will show you several playlists that contain rarer films that have yet to be given a release so you might want to peruse those if you're interested in what's on offer. Alternatively, if you've done a bit of research (or found an obscurity on my own blog) and know what you're looking for then have a quick YT search for it and see if it comes up in your search results. YouTube can be a bit hit and miss for these sorts of things but it's always worth checking there first as its the easiest, most hassle free way of viewing more obscure giallo films.


You want to see a giallo and its not had a physical release/has long since been deleted. You can't find it on YouTube and you're not willing to spend money on bootlegs - what now? Well in that case torrents are your new best friend. I'm going to be careful about what I say here as I don't want to break what us alchemists know as silentium ;) BUT there are certain sites you can use to get really rare stuff that you can't find anywhere else and in English but I am going to respect the sacred rules and not name names. Never fear! A quick google search for a film followed by the word torrent will throw up some results, for example "the killer wore gloves torrent" will give you a whole host of results. Make sure you have a torrent client like bittorrent, utorrent and open the file using it - wait for it to download (could be a while!) and remember to continue to seed the file for as long as you can. Once again, remember don't be using these for films that have a legit release because y'know it's illegal and that.

Hopefully this has given you an idea of where to source the gialli that you are interested in. If you have any specific questions fire me a comment or an email (the address is on my contact page). Remember, don't close your eyes!


  1. Is Cult Action safe? When I tried ordering through paypal, the padlock disappeared. It doesn't seem very secure, which is a shame since the artwork does look great.

    1. I've never had any issues and gathered as I was paying through PayPal that gave me a bit of protection. But can't guarantee its 100% safe so if you're not confident with buying from there I wouldn't. The artwork is awesome though :)

    2. I ordered some spaghetti westerns from them. I ordered through paypal, as well, but it wasn't secure since the padlock disappeared. I decided to take the risk anyway. Thanks for the response. I was wondering whether they are the same company as Underground Empire. Do you know anything about this? The artwork looks almost identical with the exception of the logo on the side. I have a very good-looking bootleg from Underground Empire but I can not seem to find their website. I bought it through ebay.

    3. Well I hope your films manage to get to you with no problems. As I said I haven't had any issues myself so hopefully you don't either.

      I'm afraid to say I've never heard of underground empire so have no idea. I know that Zevok have some similar titles and artwork so might be a coincidence but they could well have been the same people. Im glad that we get bootlegs with such great box art!

    4. I noticed that Revok has a copy of Tex. I might buy it eventually since there are no English DVD releases. I have the original VHS tape, which is incredibly hard to find now. By the way, I'm also a big fan of the Shameless releases. Italian exploitation movies are great. Spaghetti westerns are my favourites but I love giallo, as well. What did you think of the latest box sets from Shameless? I was a little disappointed when I realised they didn't contain the individual cases like the Fulci box set but they were still worth the price, I guess.

  2. That's good that they have it then. I've never come across an English version anywhere so that's impressive that you have a VHS copy! Might be worth picking up if you get the chance later on from Revok.

    I really like Shameless on the whole but sometimes I think the packaging and artwork isn't the best but that's a minor quibble. I tend to buy the single film releases so haven't bought any of their box set releases - think there's a Fulci one and a Deodato one and then the Bronx Warriors trilogy and twos exploitation ones? They've released some great stuff and I'm especially happy with their releases of the tenth victim and the frightened woman. Shame they've slowed down a bit with the releases as it's nice to have arrow and shameless releases.

    Glad to hear you're a big western fan! It's a genre that I don't know a lot about but I would like to become with familiar with it. What are your favourites?

  3. Favourite Italian/spaghetti westerns:

    1. The Dollars Trilogy
    2. A Fistful of Dynamite
    3. Companeros
    4. My Name is Nobody
    5. Taste of Killing
    6. Vengeance
    7. Django
    8. Django Kill
    9. A Bullet for the General
    10. Mannaja
    11. The Deserter
    12. Texas Adios
    13. The Mercenary
    14. Once Upon a Time in the West
    15. They Call Me Trinity

    Favourite (non-Italian) westerns:

    1. Ulzana's Raid
    2. Duel at Diablo
    3. El Condor
    4. The Wild Bunch
    5. Little Big Man
    6. Eagle's Wing
    7. Outlaw Josey Wales
    8. Mountain Men
    9. Mr. Horn
    10. Chato's Land
    11. Shalako
    12. Dead Man
    13. The Hunting Party
    14. Winterhawk
    15. Rio Conchos
    16. High Noon
    17. Hombre
    18. The Missouri Breaks
    19. The Revengers
    20. The Bravados
    21. Day of the Evil Gun
    22. Arrowhead
    23. Major Dundee
    24. Bandolero!
    25. Lonesome Dove (original miniseries)

    Sorry it's a long list but as you can tell, I'm a big fan! :D I got The Frightened Woman in one of the box sets. That's a creepy one for sure. Shameless has released six box sets so far. I got the Fulci set (New York Ripper, Manhattan Baby, Black Cat), the Slasher nasties (Killer Nun, Torso and Night Train Murders) and the Pop Erotica box set (The Frightened Woman, Baba Yaga and Venus in Furs).


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